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“When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else”

Creativity, intuition and experience are the basis of the brand idea PAOLA TIENFORTI, a reality that makes fashion not only a great passion, but also a lifestyle turned into success. Paola Tienforti, indeed, is not only a bussinesswoman who has bet on her natural talent for the fashion industry, but also the mind and the name of a brand that has become a guarantee of quality, able to read and interpret the women’s desires, transforming them into impact creations,
anticipating fashions and trends. To fully understand the essence of the brand, however, it is necessary to tell when and why it was born.

Paola Tienforti, today a bussinesswoman but since the 1980s a great fashion addicted, she has a huge amount of knowledge which have led her towards the realization of a brand that has developed in the world of national fashion soon. Her work experience around the world allowed her to know each type of raw materials, each style and news, allowing her to become a fashion lover. A real professional of the fashion system! Today anyone who purchases a PAOLA TIENFORTI product, even purchases the knowledge and the passion of a woman who is ready to realize what the female world is always seeking:
the combination between product and quality which reflects the current fashion. Actually, an item or a bag signed by PAOLA TIENFORTI is a high-quality product, absolutely Made in Italy, result of the work and the passion which has always led the brand to embrace cultures and ways of living internationally, integrating them with the Italian savoir-faire. Wearing the PAOLA TIENFORTI collections, means feeling unstoppable women, who make the world their own home. All the creations come from a careful research into the materials and styles, also thanks to the constant presence of a highly specialised team, which supports Paola, the creative mind of everything, in every single detail, and being capable to anticipate new trends and leading the company to the just in time production. PAOLA TIENFORTI moves around a simple concept: SHOW AND ORDER, translating into that manner which by now stands out our lives and characterizes the habits.

We lead fluid lives, in which we never have much time, precisely on the basis of this, the whole production is organized: immediate and intuitive, suitable for the modern women’s lifestyle. Then, it responds to the market demands, especially internationally, which always have special consideration for the Made in Italy quality. “SEE NOW, BUY NOW“: this is the MISSION of the brand, aimed at responding in real time to the market demands and listening the needs of the consumers. Manufacturing items which aim not only at aestethic but also and especially functionality. The women of PAOLA TIENFORTI are women without distinction of age and/or size, who love to dress in a glamorous and female style. Attention to detail, continue search of new styles and a persisting production, which give to the company a strong added value, seeking to instill that “mad desire” to win and go ahead.

Behind the PAOLA TIENFORTI brand, a large company is structured, unique in the clothing and accessory field, for internal production of modelling and prototyping. It counts on highly specialized managers who follow the product since its inception up to the introduction into the commercial network, seeking to optimise the timing of realization required by the market. The company presents, internally, two great modelling departments, one for the clothing and the
other for the leather goods.


As regards the clothing, all prototypes which are realized with one of the most innovative CAD systems and combined with the AUTOMATED CUTTING. The latter, allows to optimise the consumption of the fabrics and then assembled by a highly-skilled workforce, giving life to unique products which reinforces the Made in Italty concept, strongly recognized worldwide.


Another highlight of the company is the leather section, specialized in the making of bags. Some skilled modelers take care of the product from the technical study up to the realization of the prototype, carefully cut and enriched by applications such as rivets, patches, studs, strass, fringes and much more. The highly technological machines, among which the high frequency cut and the laser cut, enable to enrich every creations with details of great value which give quality to the final product. So, technology, innovation and determination are transformed into research of new materials and colours for the realization of products not only seasonally and are always in line with the needs of the final consumer. A real race against time, generated and fed by the constant stylistic innovation, without fear of the competitors.